About me

Celina Langen-Smeeth

I am a certified sleep consultant for infants and toddlers.I’m a mum of two and know from personal experience how debilitating sleepless nights can be. I found it almost impossible to be the present and enthusiastic parent that I wanted to be, without both my children and myself getting the sleep we needed.

When my daughter was born, I did a lot of reading on the subject of infant sleep. But with an overwhelming amount of contradicting information out there, I found it very difficult to know which approach and method was right for me and my family.

Sleep is both essential for a child’s physical growth and cognitive development, but also for a parent’s mental health and physical wellbeing. Sleep regulates appetite, strengthens the immune system, allows cells to grow and repair and memories to move from short-term to long-term.

However, despite the commonly used expression “sleep like a baby”, more often than not it isn’t straightforward to achieve. I decided to focus on this as a career to help other parents establish healthy sleep habits for their baby and ultimately teach their child to sleep well. I feel honored to have the opportunity to use my experience to help parents around the world make positive changes to their family’s sleep.