Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I am a certified infant and toddler sleep consultant, fully trained, mentored and certified by Baby Sleep Consultant Training Ltd.

Definitely not. If you do not feel comfortable leaving your child alone, then you don’t have to. There are many different, gentle ways to teach a baby to sleep independently. 

I am based in Munich and am happy to schedule a home visit within a 50 km radius at an additional cost if you wish to do so. Please contact me directly for pricing and availability.

I work within the safe sleep guidelines recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, and it is strongly recommended that between the ages of 0-6 months your baby does not bed share. I therefore suggest you only start one of my programs if you are ready to transfer your child into their own cot.

Provided that your child is sleeping in his/her own cot, you can absolutely continue sleeping in the same room. 

Yes, siblings can continue to share a bedroom. I will consider your individual situation, and we will work out an individual plan to suit your needs.

Yes, we can absolutely individualize each package to suit the needs of twins and multiples.