Tabea & Liam (17 months)

Celina has helped us bring about change that we never thought was possible. Not only do we have uninterrupted nights and good daytime naps, but the overall sleeping time has increased tremendously. She has given me support and advice whenever I needed guidance or reassurance. I couldn‘t have done it without her, and I just cannot believe how quickly everything changed for the better! Sleep training with Celina is the best thing that could’ve happened to us!”

Sanaa & Yara (19 weeks)

“I came to Celina with a baby who adamantly refused to sleep in her bassinet. Within days, Celina put together a specific sleep plan for us to follow and with the aim of transitioning our baby out of our bed and into her bassinet. For the next three weeks, Celina was a reassuring and supportive presence as she helped us through the ups and downs. With a lot of persistence and patience, and by sticking to her plan, our baby happily and independently sleeps in her bassinet!”

Pippa & Jasmine (6 weeks)

“I worked with Celina on my 6-week-old’s nap and sleep schedule. Her advice was very simple and easy to implement, and I saw huge improvements in Jasmine’s sleep almost immediately. Celina was very pragmatic and happy to be flexible with her advice and the suggested schedule, in order to fit in with our three-year-old’s bed routine, so the girls could bath together. I always had a lot of questions for her, which she was happy to answer, and was always very quick to follow up.”

Alice & Oscar (8 weeks old)

“Working with Celina was straightforward from the outset. She gave us a clear plan which was tailored to our son’s age and weight, checked in regularly with us to see how it was going, and she made small adjustments along the way. Needless to say, after only a couple of weeks we suddenly felt like we had a proper plan, which works for us and for our son. We had no routine before, but do now! We now have our evenings back and our days are more predictable. Whilst it was exhausting at the time to do the sleep training, it was definitely worth it! Celina was helpful, kind, and understanding. I was impressed with her accessibility and would highly recommend her to any parent looking to find a routine for their child!”

Theresa & Arthur (5 months)

“Before working with Celina, our 5-month-old baby had trouble sleeping through the night and did not know how to fall asleep on his own. Celina helped us change his day routine and already after the first night we felt a significant change for the better. From then on, every night there was a slight improvement and soon after Celina’s work was done! We are over-joyed and so grateful to Celina for her always supportive and professional advice!!”

Eva & Laura (2.5 years)

“We were struggling to take control of bedtimes and nighttimes, and were feeling very unsure of how to tackle the problem. Celina immediately provided us with clear principles and actions to follow, which led to an immediate improvement. Whilst some nights are still challenging, we now have a shared, definitive approach, which makes even the worst nights much, much easier. Having clear guidance has helped us enormously. Thanks to Celina, I regained confidence in my parenting.”